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Text 2


1. MY FAMILY.docx (155602) para imprimir y trabajar en clase SEMANA del 23-27 febrero
Video “Family”:
Video “Talking about the Family”.
Social expressions:
2. Describing people and their clothes Part I: March 9-15 imprimir imprimir imprimir
Vocabulary on people’s description:
Clothes vocabulary:
Clothes vocabulary:
Acomodation and housing April 6 -11
These two texts are for the class, study the vocasbulary: 

Food and culture: April 13 - 17

Food vocabulary: (16390)
Video “Food”:
Video “Shopping at the supermarket”:
Vocabulary: Vocabulary.docx (14907) this vocabulary is for the quiz. Taboo

Time and everyday activities 27-30

free time.pdf (1274068) for the class

Level 2